From the President

The Seasons are upon us. August has come and gone. We are planning our fall fishing trips. We are shooting the shotguns at the Portland Gun Club each week in anticipation of the upcoming upland bird and waterfowl seasons. We hope to take our cameras along with some experienced archers as they hunt Deer and Elk in September.

We are way past plinking now as we begin to site in the 7mm-08, 30-06, and 300WSM rifles and the 44 magnum revolver. As we scout western Oregon we do carry Bear and Cougar tags hoping to find the proverbial bear in the berry patch or fend off any predator attack. The best part about it is just being in the woods. It is so peaceful. The other day Donnell and I both commented on the wonderful smells of the deciduous forest…pine trees, fir trees, ferns and more.

What are we going to hunt? Well Donnell and I have the High Cascade Hunt tag for early season deer this month. (dates?). If we are not successful, then we can use these tags for the regular western Oregon season which is October 3 –November 6, 2009. We have not decided on the first or second season for Coast Bull Elk in November, but every morning and every evening Donnell says to me “I want to get an Elk this year”. It was that kind of dogged determination last year that led to the harvest of his first Blacktailed buck in the Willamette Valley east of Eugene, Oregon. This year I am going to get his harvest on video tape.

I am going to have more involvement with kids. We will follow up the new shooters day last month by taking some kids to the free shotgun on Sauvie Island clinic offered by Oregon Fish and Wildlife on September _______2009. And we will take a couple of youth on a waterfowl or upland hunt with us. Our little brother Drey (age 13) has become a fixture on our team. He has taken well to fishing and shooting this summer. Now we want to get him in on a successful hunt.

Finally, our travel plans will take back to Mississippi in December. I have been corresponding and talking by phone to the guys in Cary, Anguilla and Louise Mississippi. They are anxious to have us back and are planning to help us take a monster buck. I can’t wait! In the meantime please share you plans with us. We are always looking for new friends and places to hunt.

Donny Adair, President

African American hunting Association, LLC





An Open Letter

October 5, 2009


Roy Elicker


Oregon Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Ave. NE

Salem, Or 97303


Re: Diversity and Inclusion


Dear Mr. Elicker:

I am writing to ask for your help to increase the number of African Americans and urban residents participating in hunting, shooting, fishing and other outdoor activities in our state and in the nation. About a year ago I created a website (,) and an organization called the African American Hunting Association (AAHA). In partnership with NLE Media of Portland we have created the AAHA Outdoor Show, a 30 minute television show, which can be viewed on the website. The program will be aired on television beginning in 2010. I am attaching an article which will provide more information on what we are doing.

 Mr. Elicker if you look at any of the hunting and fishing magazines you will find that there is a total absence of any African Americans participating in outdoor sports. Even your ad for the Hunter Education Program in the July-August issue of Oregon Hunter has a photo which does not appear to have any African Americans. This is characteristic of the entire industry. One of the first things a successful diversity program should do is to depict diversity in all of its publications and advertisements. Leupold and Stevens of Beaverton, Oregon just released the first TV commercial with an African American hunter in it. I saw it for the first time on Saturday and it was exciting to me.

 I would like to learn more about your agency’s plans to reach diverse groups. Your programs such as Becoming and Outdoor Woman and Youth Angling and Enhancement are examples of your efforts to reach groups who have not participated at desired levels in the past. Every state has programs targeting youth and women; however, I cannot find any state programs that are targeting African Americans, other people of color or urban residents. I want to take the 13 year old boy I am mentoring through the hunter education program. I could not find any hunter education programs on your website scheduled within Portland or even Multnomah County.

 Last week there was a 4-day national conference in Atlanta, Georgia sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service called Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great Outdoors. I hope our state participated. It certainly recognizes that this is a national issue of some importance.

I have a presentation I would like to share with you and interested stakeholders about diversity in the outdoors. I was hoping you would schedule a meeting in Salem or Portland and invite some key people. I have a great deal of experience in organizational development and training regarding diversity development. Together we could make Oregon one of the first states to have a broader program of inclusion.

 Please feel free to contact me by email at or telephone me at (503) 515-9853.

 Thank you for your consideration

 Donny R. Adair, President

African American Hunting Association, LLC.

 Cc: Chris Willard, Hunter Education Coordinator

Duane Dungannon, Editor, Oregon Hunter

Fred Craig, President, Oregon Hunter Association


21 responses

23 08 2009
Calvin Cummings

I was glad when I came accross your website regarding AAHA. What breath of fresh air. I also would love to see more of our African American heritage enjoying the outdoor sports rather than being cooped up in the hood, and in jail. Much of what you are doing needs to be broadcast nationally. I likewise have 2 sons who join me in the woods, and on the water. What a valuable time for us. Please be encouraged to continue this work, as it is needed in this day, and age.

Calvin Cummings
Beaver Falls, PA.

31 08 2010

Thank for the encouragement Calvin. Keep huntin!

11 02 2013

Mr. Adair,
Thank you for all that you do!

11 02 2013

Hi Mr.Cummings,
My name is DeMar I live in Hopewell , about 10 minutes away from Beaver falls. I have been bow hunting for about three years and love it. Went out for pheasant about two weeks ago. Let me know if you would like to get out for next season, a colleague allows me to hunt on his land.

25 08 2009
Edwin Cooke

Hi Donny,
I got the information on AAHA today from my friend, Tony Sanders. He was extremely excited and after viewing your website, so am I. I have been enjoying the great outdoors since I was about seven years of age. My passion today is traditional bowhunting and my dream is to record video segments of African Americans as well as everyone else enjoying God’s given great outdoors. I have a daughter and son that will share moments with me (this coming hunting season) in my ground blind in pursuit of the whitetail deer. Stay encouraged, you’re doing a good work and I look toward to sharing a campsite with you in God’s great outdoors.

31 08 2010

Thank you for your comments and encouragement! Its great to see you are getting the girls out. If you go to mu facebook page you can see a short video of my 20 yr old granddaughter shooying my 357 magnum. My niece Carla, who is in graduate school now at Texas Southern, is on the first 2 tv shows. On the 1st one she learnse how to shoot trap and the 2nd one she goes on a Chukar hunt with us. Keep huntin’!

19 06 2011
Doug Banks


22 08 2011

Doug thanks for the hit. I always thought of New York as an urban environment until I visited Plattsburgh about 25 years ago. NY is an agricultural state. Beautiful country up there.

26 08 2011
Kevin Burton

This is a great page but you should remove african american and just call it american we shouldn’t have to put something like that infront of american, I was born in the united states like the rest of my family and we don’t used that stipulation african american because i am american and so are you gentlemen.

15 10 2011
kirt e moore

dear Donny; my name is kirt i view your web site i was exited, i also had the the dream of becoming the first black person to have his own black outdoors hunting show.Because like you i, never seen any blacks on t.v . I just received my first hunting license last month i am from Detroit but move to Maryland,D.C area.Me an a buddy are tring to put together our first hunt.I, Look forward to meet and hunting with you,keep up the good work any news come adav. keep me in form. thanks

17 10 2011

Kirt, thank you for letting me know you are out there and starting to hunt. You can do it. I never grew up with the sport either. I hope to tour the east coast next year to talk with peole in a number of communites about starting hunting clubs and promoting the sport in general. Good luck!

21 10 2011
Ben Bryant

Great website. I wish there was a similar organization in the Atlanta area to promote hunting and out door activities as you are doing in Oregon. Keep up the good work, it’s an inspiration.

21 10 2011

Thank you Ben I will be coming to Atlanta sooner than you think. I was contacted by others in your area and there is an outdorr youth program in the inner city there that is looking for support. I will let you know whats happening as I get more information.

17 08 2012

Great website. I wanted to connect with hunters in color in MD. Please send any information to Paul at


16 10 2012
Tracy Sanders

Donny, I thank god that I came across your hunting show I have been looking for Black hunters like myself..I am trying to get more people in my town into the outdoors..(north carolina) keep up the good work… Tracy Sanders

16 10 2012

Tracy, thank you for finding us. We hope to do more in the near future. We are reviewing and revising the website and trying our darndest to get sponsors to get the Outdoor show on the air soon. Let me know how your upcoming adventures come out and email me pictures to share at

27 11 2012
Wesley Perine

Donny, my name is Wesley Perine and I am SUPER excited about your website. You have begun a great work in the area of letting the world know that African American hunter’s do exist. I am 30 yrs. old and have been hunting with my father, family, and friends all my life. We have always said that it hurts to watch hunting as much as we do and never see a black face. I pray that God allows this to grow into something that can be placed on the national stage of hunters. We as a people have so much we can bring to this great sport and I look forward to supporting you with all you are trying to do in educating our people about The Great Outdoors. My favorite moment in hunting so far was when I went on a hunt that they have every year in Tuskegee AL, about 5 years ago. I was with my father and friends, but we saw families that had generations present. They had Great Grandfathers, Grandfathers, Fathers, and sons. This is what I would love to see more of now that I am in Texas.

28 11 2012

Wesley thank you for sharing your comments. My roots are in Alabama. My grandfather moved from Birmingham to Portland, Oregon with my mother, her sister and my grandmother in 1945. He was not a hunter, but he did teach us how to fish.

I just returned from Texas where I shot 2 deer. I just had venison sausage for breakfast. Good luck on you hunting adventures.

28 11 2012

My roots are also in Alabama, farther southeast near Auburn but I have spent some time in the northwest.

29 11 2012

What part of Texas because I have been looking for some brothers to hunt with here?

13 12 2012

Rosharon, Texas south of Houston.

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