Moving fulltime to AAHA January 2012

20 06 2011

Hi Friends! I am energetically stepping up my activities to promote diversity in the great outdoors. There are several important connections that I have made just since retiring from the City of Portland on December 1, 2001.

First, I have accepted an invitation to present a workshop at the International Hunter Education Association’s 40th Annual Conference on June 2nd in Kansas City, Mo. It will be my first opportunity to talk with hunter education managers and staff from throughout the country and around the world about hunter education opportunities for people of color in general, and African Americans specifically. The specifics of the conference, my workshop and profile are on the IHEA website at .

I have also been contacted, spoken with the director of research for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. NSSF is seeking help to survey hunters and African American Hunting Clubs around the country. The research director and I will meet at the aforementioned conference.

I have added a page for African American Hunting on Facebook with lots of pictures. We also created AAHUNTTV on Youtube. We combined several existing videos and new videos. If you take a look at the latest by clicking on the link below you will see how we are reaching our audience with positive information about hunting in Oregon. This video is on the Emergency Hunt Program and features an interview with an ODFW wildlife biologist from the Springfield Office.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Civic Engagement Office has also contacted me. They have an interest in connecting African American community groups interested in conservation and other related outdoor recreation issues. The also wanted to make connections to their Black History Month activities.

I guess I am going to be a very busy retiree. Also during this first 3 months I co-produced and performed as emcee for the broadcast of our 27th annual tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., conducted management training as a guest lecturer for the City of Portland and I am coordinating the Fifth Annual Youth Day at the City on this coming Thursday.

We are planning to take 6 to 8 youths on a fishing trip to central Oregon on Memorial Day weekend in May. I am looking for sponsorship of equipment for fishing and camping. I will generate a more formal appeal soon. If you have any leads for sponsorship, pleaselet me know at you earliest convenience.


Old Friends Get Together Again – Donny Adair & Larry Anderson

30 10 2009

Reconnecting African-Americans with the Outdoors

4 09 2009

OutdoorAfroHello Mr. Adair,

I heard that you made a connection with Ms Peterman — I am so excited you connected with her mission and the conference born from it. I just helped her to place your video link on the conference Facebook site: Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great Outdoors. We really hope you can chime in with the group there because what you do is fascinating!

I was personally excited to learn about your work — my own father was an avid hunter and fisherman and I learned many things from him. But since he has passed on, there are rare opportunities I have to shoot or fish.

So I am reaching out to you on behalf of the conference, as a peer champion for the outdoors, AND as a personal supporter based on my own interests.

I would love to write a blog about what you are doing very soon OR you can submit a blog on my site. I was coincidentally working with an old friend on a blog about big game hunting, but since you are African American, I think your story would bring even greater value and fresh perspective to my readers.

Rue Mapp

AAHA “Outdoor Show” program DVD’s – Purchase Your Favorites

9 07 2009

We are live! You can order dvd’s of Season 1 HERE

Season 1 of the AAHA “Outdoor Show” is Completed!

NLE Media Productions
The African American Hunting Association

Proudly announce the completion of Season 1 of “The Outdoor Show“.

Currently you can view full episodes on AAHA’s web site:
Go to the “Outdoor Show” tab on the left of the page. You can also view segments of the show on YouTube,
keyword “gjglucose”.    


Click on any of these links to view individual episodes.


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Welcome to the AAHA Outdoor Show Blog, Baby!

9 07 2009

Donnell's first Salmon

Donnell's first Salmon

Another sink full of fish to clean!

Another sink full of fish to clean!

Last week we started scouting. Bear nd Cougar season reopened so I had the 44 mag plus

Last week we started scouting. Bear nd Cougar season reopened so I had the 44 mag plus

Welcome to our blog. I have wanted a medium to chat with hunters, fisherpeople, and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. This is an opportunity for us to continue to have ordinary people like you and me to be a part of this movement to get people in the field, on the bank and on the water. When you blog with us you are not just talking with me, but your are talking with the entire world.

So hit me back and let’s talk about what interest’s you! Here is the summer update.

What do hunters do in the summer?

During this summer period of wonderful sunny warm weather my sons Donnell and Kenny and I have been fishing and shooting. I have also included Drey, our Little Brother from the Big Brothers Big Sister Program, in the fun. He got a chance to shoot pistols and rifles for the first time. He was so excited and had a great time plinking.

As always my cousin Billy Anfield, who I have fished with for more than 50 years, held down the back of the boat. We have taken 3 Trips. First we fished the Columbia River near The Dalles, Oregon for Smallmouth Bass and we hammered some nice ones. Then we went to Willow Creek Reservoir at Heppner, Oregon. We took some Crappies and Billy got in to a school of those sweet little Bullhead Catfish. Kenny went to video for us, but he could hardly stay focused because he kept putting the camera down to catch some of those Crappies and Catfish himself. He is a very good fisherman.

The most recent trip was to Oxbow Reservoir on the Snake River (Oregon/Idaho border). It was a quick trip but I found a school of Crappie, got a couple of nice cats, and as always the Bass never stopped biting the entire 2 days we were there. We did a lot of catch and release. Drey learned from us how to survive the 107 temperature on the first day and he caught some nice fish, more than he did on his first 2 outings with us. He enjoyed seeing the diverse landscapes of Oregon up close and personal for the first time. He was amazed when a flock of about 45 turkeys crossed the road in front of us for the first time. We actually got out and walked to within 30 yards of them to take pictures and video. We also saw mule deer.

Upcoming events include a talk to the Democratic Gun Owners Caucus about AAHA on Wednesday August 5, 2009 at 6:00 PM, at the Democratic Party Office, at 232 NE 9th Avenue in Portland. I would also like to invite those who have never fired a shotgun and would like to try, to come to “Take me out to the Skeet Range”. This will be held at the Portland Gun Club on Saturday August.15th at 11:00 am. You will receive a brief training including safety procedures and shooting lessons from some of the clubs best instructors.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer and preparing for fall outdoor activities too.

We’ll see you in the field!