I am Donny Adair, the founder and President of the African American Hunting Association LLC. I am passionate about outdoor recreation, particularly hunting. I hope that you find something in the pages of this blog that will encourage you to join us in one of the most exciting outdoor sports. For those of you who already hunt, maybe you will find some information to enhance your hunting skills, experience and enjoyment.

My story is a simple one. I was born in the northwest city of Portland, Oregon. I was raised primarily by my grandparents. My uncle and my grandfather took me fishing at a very young age and I have continuously angled for warm water species including Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Bluegill and other pan fish throughout my life.

I started hunting when I was in college at the University of Oregon in Eugene in the late 1960’s. Nestled in the Southern Willamette Valley, Eugene is 30 minutes from the Coast Mountain Range and even closer to the Cascade Mountains. There is a mix of farmland in the valley and public and private timberland, which is home to the elusive Blacktailed Deer, Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain Elk, Cougar, Bear and numerous small game species. Waterfowl and Upland Birds are also present. In fact the first pheasants brought to the United States from China were brought to Corvallis, Oregon, which is 20 minutes north of Eugene.

My early hunting experience was short lived but I came back to the sport later in life. I returned to Portland to live and work after college. My two (2) sons were the last of six (6) beautiful children. When they became ages 11 and 12, I took them to hunter education and together we passed the state test. I enjoyed taking the classes so much that I also later took additional classes and became certified as a Master Hunter. Donnell and Kenny are now 21 and 22. You will hear more about them on this site. Donnell, who is about to graduate from the U of O is shotgunner, who loves to hunt waterfowl and shoot trap and skeet. Kenny is great fisherman. We have enjoyed hunting and fishing together almost their entire life.

I have noticed that very few African Americans participate in the sport of hunting out here in the Western United States. I attend hunting and fishing expositions and shows annually. I usually only see one or 2 other people out of thousands of attendees that appear to be African American. Simply put, I think many of my people, both men and women are missing out on a fantastic opportunity for the outdoor experience of a lifetime. Also, because my professional and personal life has evolved around promoting cultural diversity, I want to bring people of all races and cultures together of to enjoy hunting and outdoor recreation. So this blog is dedicated to promoting diversity, understanding and respect for all people.

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21 02 2010
jacqueline walcott

Hi, I am an African American female in Ohio. I read your article about the lack of African American hunters. You asked th question, Why we don’t we hunt? I am an avid angler and shoot trap. I belong to 2 ranges and have wanted to hunt for 4 years. I completed hunter safety. I was told to never hunt alone. The few hunters that I know are men none of whom want to take a woman or novice with them (or some may have wives that can’t believe a woman wants to just hunt). Most of the so called women outdoor programs do everything but hunt and the ones that do are far to pricey. Why don’t we hunt? Perhaps we just can’t find enough hunters out there who will teach us. Any suggestions?

22 02 2010

Jacqueline thank you for sharing the difficult time you are having finding hunting partners in Ohio, I would like to challenge hunters in Ohio who would mentor you and other women in your area who would like to hunt to contact me on this blog. Perhaps we can set up a meeting. I would be happy to come, if we can get a sponsor to send me back there, and hold a conference and planning session. Perhaps there is a hunting club or resort we could start with and even involve the state hunting and fishing agency. Most state agencies have programs to attract, train and encourage women and youth to hunt. However, they are not specifically reaching out or targeting people of color to join in on the fun. Call of write them today to make them aware of this opportunity to expand the numbers of hunters. Our movement must start at the ground level. I know I have written my state agency here in Oregon and their first response indicates they just don’t get it!

The Federal Fish and Widlife Agency and the National Parks Service are reaching out to people of color. They sponsored a conference in Atlanta last fall called Breaking the Color Barrier in the Great Outdoors. You can write or cll them as well for any programs for hunters in your area. We need regional conferences so let’s do one in Ohio…Thank you again for lettings us know you are out there and void we need to fill. Donny Adair

18 08 2010

i stay in far rockaway ny , but i want to get into hunting crossbow and shot gun do you know of any groups in new york or pa that a brother can get started , i was in the army for 6 years so know my way around weapons .but would love to take classes

24 01 2011
Martin Smith

Hello, Mr. Donny Adair,
I must say it was a true pleasure to come across this web site today. I have been a hunter for years. I have found that the time I spent with my son in the woods when he was young has help both him and I cope with the struggles that life can sometimes bring us. I can also relate to your struggle. Years ago I also noticed that very few African American youth, or adults, participate in the sport of hunting. It has bothered me for some time that the African American youth is not getting this oportunity.  I started dreaming about getting African American youth out of the hoods and into the woods about seven years ago. I had hopes of sharing with them the same memories I shared with my son. Unfortunatly, I have only been talking and not tacking any action. You see, I am a white man and when I tell people my dreams of starting a mentor program that would take the inner city African American youth out of thier nieghbor “hoods” and into the “woods” the first response I get is “It will never work”, so I can relate when you say their first response indicates they just don’t get it!, because they dont.
Your web site has renewed my hope to take action. I look forward to watching your show and look forward to staying in touch. Its amazing how God unites people when you least expect it, maybe one day we can unite on a hunt together.

22 02 2011

Thank you for your comments and your thoughts. Don’t let your heritage be barrier to reaching out to others. Some of my strongest support is coming from whites who want to expand opportunities for people to enjoy the great outdoors regardless of ethnicity, gender, etc.

9 09 2011
Karl smalls

I with you Rodney I spent over 7 years in the army I want to learn how to hunt with a compound bow, I live in Florida but don’t know any African americans who hunt and willing to teach me it’s so frustrating that I’m thinking about just leaving my dreams of becoming a hunter what they are dreams!

19 06 2011
Doug Banks

Donny Adair

19 08 2011

Hello Mr. Donny, I like what you are doing. I also whatch the outdoor network religiously. I’m new to hunting, i just got into it last year. Do you have your own youtube channel, that makes it easier to filter through your videos? also not to cause controversy, why did you choose African American over Black American, seeing how even though Africa may be out heritage, Black Americans are uniquely different than Black Africans, just asking.

26 08 2011
Kevin Burton

I have left several comment’s this is a awesome page and can go place’s i agree with joseph that african american should be remove because you are american. I’m also a black man but don’t call myself african american i’m american represent the page that way i know it’s not my page but it’s a suggestion i fought so long not be called that an it has been successful don’t stipulate your page sir it’ll be something a team of black people represented as only american not african american.

25 02 2012
Kelvin Hampton

Hello Mr. Adair I enjoyed browsing your web page and I’m pleased to inform you that the east coast has a large number of Black Men who hunt to include myself.
I was raised in south Florida and for my 11th birthday my grandfather gave me a York Recurve and the rest is history. After graduating from high school I enlisted in the Army and retired in 2006 after serving 20 years and I’m blessed to be able to hunt, fish or camp at least twice a month.
I’m a member of an all Black hunt club in Raeford NC, an avid bow hunter who specializes in Traditional archery (recurves & longbows), I also enjoy hand gun hunting with my tricked out Dan Wesson .44 Mag. Last but not least I love knives and I have a large collection of Custom & Randall made Knives both outdoor and tactical military types.
The knowledge I acquired in fieldcraft, survival and woodsmanship I’m passing it on to the next generation of young black hunters.
Look me up on facebook and check out my Hunting Pictures.

28 02 2012

Kelvin Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Also thank you for your military service. My step dad retired from the air force. He was not a hunter like us, but a strong and caring man. Maybe I could come to Raeford with my Ruger Super Redhawk 44 mag and film us shooting some hogs or deer. Please contact me me at donnyadair@yahoo.com . I want to include you in an opportunity to talk with high ranking government oficila who would like to increase support for Black hunters and conservationists.

1 04 2012

Hello mr Adair, I am so glad you put this website together.. I am a black female who LOVES hunting.. I’ve also hunt alligator as well.. I am from the long star state of Texas.. It’s sad that it’s not enough to represent hunting.. I wasn’t raised on hunting but fishing.. When I got hunting, I be lucky if it’s more than three of us.. I really admire you for trying to change the diverse of hunting.. Thank you and God Bless.


3 04 2012

Stephannie I am so glad you let us know that black women can and do hunt. Be sure to sign up on the website (aahunt.com). I will be making memberships available soon. Right now I am making sure that AAHA members will get some benefits for signing up.

Also, a young black woman hunter who relocated to Texas from Lousiana was looking for hunting partners. If you would like to connect with her you can email me at donnyadair@yahoo.com . I also must come to Texas and experience whitetail deer, hogs and javelina. So let me know if you would like to film a hunt with us and let’s make it happen. Let’s show the world a black huntress. God Bless.

21 05 2013

Stephanie~ My name is Sara and I would love to connect with other female hunters. How best can we get in touch?

1 06 2013

Sara wite me at my email address donnyadair@yahoo.com and give me more information such what area you live and hunt in. What type of hunting, species, etc., you hunt and so on. I may know someone in that area.

21 11 2012

Hello Mr. Adair,
I am interested in learning how to hunt. I know of one or two other African American women who are also interested. Do you have any outings for women?

13 12 2012

Almost every state wildlife agency in the country has programs to recruit and train women in outdoor sports including hunting and fishing. Contact you state agency. It one of the ways to learn how to be safe, develop your skills and knowledge and meet other hunters. Also take a friend that you know and trust. Build your on network.

17 12 2012

Dear Donny, Your site is great and I know many African Americans are better informed by it. However, I am concerned that women are asking YOU about hunting oppertunities not referrals to state agencies. Because they may have already done this. I know I have and the program administrative was pointed in telling me they had ongoing full capacity of women and were not interested in new enrolles for hunting events. When asked about minority recruitment efforts I was told “that was not a priority”. I live in Ohio. Prehaps it is better elsewhere. I just went squirrel hunting alone. Still asking every hunter I come in contact with and getting same info…Contact state BOW and similar.

13 02 2013

Thank you for updating us all about Ohio’s specific lack of respect for women and men of color in their outreach for new hunters. Yes! This is a problem nationally and I for one am sick and tired of it. When I conducted a workshop for the International Hunting Association at their 40th annual cnference in Kansasa City, Mo. last year I pointed out that women, youth and people of color all were less that 10% of the total of hunters nationally. All of the state agencies represented had programs to recruit women and youth, but no program or agency had a program to recruit people or color or “urban” residents. This is the group where the real potential for increase in our sport is. Plus we may be under counted.

Were coming though. We (my son/partner) were at the shot show in Vegas last month. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is showing leadership by researching this issue and sharing reports that will help the industry to wake up. I’m happy to report that in one of the most inportant new publications by NSSF titled Hunting in America, my picture on a September pheasant hunt here in Oregon is on page four. This was a hunt sponsored by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. It was open to anyone but I was the only African American to sign up. There were women hunters, but no sistas. Sad because it was a bargain. There was a workshop, shotgun clinic (free shells), lunch and a 4-hour hunt behind experienced dogs and handlers. Again ODFW provided the shells for the hunt and you could shoot 2 pheasants. It was a great walk for this 62 year old guy. All of this for just $25.00. Next year I will take some beginners with me on some of these state sponsored hunts.

One of the new Commisioners on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission is African American and an advocate of diversity in the outdoors. People in other states should push for better representation on the comissions and on the staff of the wildlife agencies. Let’s start a campaign to write to our elected officials, it works.

20 12 2012

hi my name is Ron i’m not new to hunting. i moved from Trinidad to the US and notice there are very little black men that hunt or fish. i started hunting this year but its hard to find friends here in Rhode island to hunt with. so it is grate to find your site. i hope for all the best and for this site and what your doing to become very successful. and one day hunt with some of you on here God bless everyone

4 07 2013
Omari Bunn

Hello, are you open to having other outdoorsmen submit stories or articles to your blog? I would be interested in contributing and sharing my experiences.

5 11 2013

Yes Omari, feel free to submit stories, articles or opinions about hunting, shooting, fishing, ot ny aspect of outdoor life. I reserve the right not to print anything that I think might be offensive, but in general its wide open to you to share your thoughts.

30 10 2013
Sam Elliott (the one with a tan)

Hi Donny, my name is sam and I am in the natural state: arkansas, where hunting is a huge tradition for black folks in our area. Really thrilled to see your listing of the AAHA. I have been an NRA member in the past & due to several conflicting points of view, I shot down my involvement with that particular institution. Glad to see another option and I would truly enjoy providing info from our neck of the woods if that is an option. Hope everyone has a safe, fun deer season.

5 11 2013

Sam, thank you for letting me know of your interest. You will be able to join when we revise our website shortly. We are working on our goals, objectives and members benefits.

12 12 2013
nathan watson

Goodmorning mr.adair.Thank u for what u r doin for black hunters.i live here n florida and theres absolutely nothing here&its frustrating to the point to that i just want to move away to pursue my dream of hunting or just getting that experience of being out n the woods.i heard justin tuck of the ny.giants was on the hunting channel and just by hearing that has inspired me even more of wanting get out there.thanx.for doing all u can we need more like u especially here n florida

19 12 2013

Nathan sorry for the delay responding to you. Thank you for letting me know you are out there. If there are others in Florida who can link up with Nathan, contact him through this blog. Be encouraged, because there are a lot of us. We’re just isolated now but look on facebook for Black archers, sportsmen and my friend in the ATL Charles Stokes has bigdeerhunters.com . He manufactures lures, cover scents and other great products! He is on facebook too. Stay in touch.

17 05 2014

I am living in South Florida and is interested in finding like minded people here to go hunting. I cant wait to meet some experienced hunters anywhere in Florida, lets meet…..

19 05 2014

OK Floridians let this person know if there are clubs or associations where a he could meet other hunters. And by the way, I am putting together a listing of clubs. Please see the African American Hunting Association page on Facebook. The deadline to submit information is May 31st.

10 01 2014

hello im new to the hunting I would love to learn how to bow hunt it seems more easy I have been looking at shows all the time and now I am going to start to learn to do other things than work, I didn’t know we had a African hunting association wow why don’t we have a show or something like that for us I guess sponsors wow. we need to promote and get our children off the couch and teach different things other than the hood smiling im will to learn in live in Atlanta ga can you help me get started please. sunday kimble.

13 01 2014

Sunday, thank you for visiting the website. Every state has a hunting and fishing agency. I urge you to contact them to find out what classes they have for beginner hunters. If you are a female the are definately recruiting women to join our ranks. Classroom and field classes are usually available throughout the year. You can provide me with more specific information in a confidential email about the area or state(s) you live/hunt in, and I may be able to hook you up someone in the area. Email me at donnyadair@yahoo.com .

3 11 2014

New to Florida live in St. Petersburg no place to hunt here. I’m an experienced black deer hunter who has been deer hunting since I was 13 from MO. I’m now 45 and looking to hunt the Ocala area with people I can trust. Any help or info would be appreciated.


5 01 2015
Nathan Watson

Happy new year james just read your post hello my name Nathan &i used to hunt w/my uncle when i was very young but as time went on it seem like i forgot all about hunting now that my life has settled down alot i have had this passion for bowhunting i have a bow but haven’t had a chance to use it yet i too would like to find ppl i can trust&hunt with also i live in Palm coast &u dont hear about blackmen hunting around here,not saying it ain’t none its just that i haven’t heard of any but it would be good if maybe one day we could meet up&go out in the woods or even find a hunting club here in Florida that we could maybe go to anyway hit me back bro

11 02 2015
James Tindall

Hey Nathan: Thanks for replying I don’t know where Palm Coast is located but I’m planning on going this year, I only rifle hunt never bow hunted. But it would be great to hunt with someone I’m trying to learn all these rules here, MO. was so much simpler. I’d be interested to maybe trying to get together if you rifle hunt. Later. From: The African American Hunting Association Blog To: jamesjc69@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:06 AM Subject: [New comment] About #yiv8931731720 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8931731720 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8931731720 a.yiv8931731720primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8931731720 a.yiv8931731720primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8931731720 a.yiv8931731720primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8931731720 a.yiv8931731720primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8931731720 WordPress.com Nathan Watson commented: “Happy new year james just read your post hello my name Nathan &i used to hunt w/my uncle when i was very young but as time went on it seem like i forgot all about hunting now that my life has settled down alot i have had this passion for bowhunting i ” | |

1 12 2014
Michael payne jr

Do you know of any african american hunting clubs around Rochester ny..alot of the white land owners here are hesitant to let my dad and I on their property

10 02 2015

I don’t but maybe someone will see this request on the blog. Good luck and keep trying!

11 03 2015

Hello, I live in Atlanta and looking to learn how to hunt. I’m fifty three years young. So far I have a .22 caliber rifle and my next rifle will be a deer rifle,maybe a 270 . I’m in good physical shape and ready to learn.

13 04 2015

Ray google the African American Gun Club in Atlanta, Georgia and contact my friend Charles Stokes in Marietta at bigdeerhunters.com and African American Gun Association out of Atlanta as well.

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