African American Hunting Association LLCBenefit StatementApril 1, 2013 The

8 05 2013

African American Hunting Association LLC

Benefit Statement

April 1, 2013 

The African American Hunting Association (AAHA) has adopted an aggressive plan to increase the number of African American Hunters in the United States by 25 percent (25%) in the next 5 years. The U. S Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are 13.7 million hunters in the US. Of these 400,000 or 2.9 percent are African Americans. According to the 2010 census report more than 42million African Americans are equivalent to 12% of the 308 million total population of the country. This disparity marks an opportunity for manufacturers, retailers, outdoor clubs and service providers to expand their markets.

Yes, we plan to increase the number of African American hunters by 100, 000. We will also increase awareness, interest and participation, in hunting, shooting and other outdoor sports by other people of color and urban residents throughout the country.

AAHA will develop programs to provide hunter education in the inner city to teach safe use of firearms and archery for hunting and recreation. AAHA will also sponsor fishing trips and equipment for youth and adults. We will also recruit women hunters and shooters. 

The African American Hunting Association will broadcast the AAHA Outdoor show on regional and national television to showcase African Americans hunting and fishing all throughout the US and the world. In addition to our website and social media site, we must break the color barrier in outdoor television immediately. This is an opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and outfitters to be the first to benefit from a rapid influx of first time buyers. Companies should take advantage of this chance to reach new audiences first.

We invite individuals and companies to join us by contributing and annual membership of $199. Join now for the introductory price of $100 for the 1st year. If you join, as a member you will broaden your network, sell more products or services, support conservation, and help preserve hunting rights for future generations. You will receive a quarterly newsletter updating you on all of the programs and activities.

For more information contact: 

Donny R. Adair, President, 

African American Hunting Association      (503) 515-9853




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13 05 2013


8 10 2013
Nestor Flores

Great page, I enjoyed reading the info and its good to have you out in the woods here in Oregon.

22 04 2014

Thank you.

26 12 2013
Jonathan Wood

My son and I are interested in hunting we love to fish but we are definitely interested in learning how to hunt being African American and living in eastern Washington I’ve learned the hard way that some people aren’t as helpful (a certain sporting good store that will remain nameless)when we ask the subject of hunting and where we can learn please help us

27 12 2013

Jonathan, the best place to get started is in hunter education. I took my sons when they were 11 and 12 (15 years ago), and I took and passed the course. We all git our hunter ed certification, which you will need for youth and yourself if you plan to hunt in other states. I liked it so much I took and passed the master hunter certification class too. This gets me access to some hunts only availble to us, and you go to the top of the list for emergency hunts if you sign up for those opportunities. Here is the link .

Please give e a city or area you r living in and will ask others through this blog and my facebook who would mentor you to contact me by email at and we can hook you up privately. I think you may find that there are good people who are members of gun clubs that may help you or mentor you as well. Good luck. Be sure to check out our facebook page too. You will see interviews with Washington Hunters from this fall. One of them, Dathan Williams, grew up in Eastern Washington and may have contacts for you. This is why I started AAHA. When I wanted to start hunting with my sons, I didn’t have any friends who hunt. Now I have them in several states.

1 04 2014

Another way for your association to encourage more African Americans to hunt would be buying up your own land. That way you would have private locations where you could host events and training for parents and teens. If you think this is a great idea here goes a place you can start searching for land now.

22 04 2014

These are great ideas. Thank you!

23 11 2014

hello i have been searching the web for african american hunting and shooting clubs . I am a 23 yr old mother an i live in atlanta ga and i am interested in hunting and or shooting sports and competitions i would be considered a beginner and i would also like to get my son involved when he becomes of age , my only problem is that i do not know where to start or even how to join. i do have my own gun a stoger cougar 9mm and i would love to get in to rifles an machine guns eventually (once I’m a little more seasoned) just for knowledge and protection and for the sport of it . To make a long story short i just need to know where to start and if you have any links and numbers that would sure help . i love what you are doing and i would love to be apart of your movement as well .

23 11 2014

Hi Inga. Thanks for finding us. I refer all Atlanta area hunters and shooters to Charles Stokes of Marietta. Ga. knows a lot of people and you can join his network of over 3,000. I would love to see more African American women shooters! Also take a look at our African American Hunting Association on facebook and you can also like me, Donny Adair, on facebook as well. Let me know your progress.

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