28 11 2012


Good day to everyone,

I have been an avid upland bird hunter for almost fifteen years now, and a gun owner ever since I was discharged from the US Army back in 1987. Residing in Colorado, I’ve always been curious to why I don’t see more African Americans enjoying these great outdoors as I have been all these years, hunting just about every game bird from Turkey to Dove.    Surfing the internet one day, I was overjoyed to find the AAHA website solely devoted to getting more African Americans in the field hunting as I do.  I truly enjoy watching the videos and reading the articles and I make sure to hit the site at least once a day to find out what the latest and greatest is.


Here is Colorado, I have found that if you are friendly to people, they will be friendly back. I don’t fear being the only person of color as I am secure in who I am and how I am to be treated. I not only hunt in Colorado, but I have also ventured into Nebraska and Kansas, they are also great places to hunt. In most cases I hunt alone with my GSP, Baxter. If there is a place I would like to hunt, I simply knock on the door of the land owner and introduce myself, if need be, I have also found that if I offer a hand to help them with some work around the farm, they intern allow me to hunt as payment.  Don’t get me wrong, I have heard a few “NOs” in my time, but the “YES” you can hunt is the response have herd the most.  Again, it is great to know that the AAHA is out there and I will do whatever I can to introduce more African Americans to the site here in the great state of Colorado.


Happy Hunting,

Patrick Jones

Highlands Ranch, Colorado



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8 12 2012
Reggie johnson

I got into archery a few years ago,been target shooting, but haven’t been hunting. School and work eats up most of my time.Maybe next year.I reside in south texas.

8 02 2013


Great post. I too am an African American hunter. I spend quite a bit of my time pheasant hunting with my Weimaraner, deer and rabbit hunting and trap shooting. It’s a joy and lifestyle that I wish more African Americans would be exposed to. It sounds like you have right philosophy when it comes to finding land to hunt. Most people don’t realize that an old fashion hello and respectful request goes a long way. Also, common interests go a long way towards knocking down barriers. Happy Hunting.

Western Springs, IL

17 09 2013

Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.

29 10 2013

Hi I am a 29yr obsessed deer hunter that cant get enough of deer hunting it is so good to see that more African American’s are taking interest in hunting especially the ones my age an younger people always try to put a stereo type on black people that hunt the first thing the say is ”you hunt you must want to be white” when that is no where near the truth on why we hunt im from a small town on the Mississippi gulf coast I grew up hunting and fishing that is the way of life down there another thing I have found very disturbing is not knowing how people will react when a black person shows up to a hunting lodge on a paid hunt and you can tell by the stares that your instantly not welcome there the same goes for hunting clubs I don’t know about anywhere else but down in the deep south Mississippi it always worries me if I will be accepted or not it makes me hesitant to go on more hunting trips out of state or want to join any local hunting clubs because I don’t know if I will be treated fairly or not and it shouldn’t be like that at all I should not have to worry about that I think this is one of the main problems why more African American’s don’t hunt thank you all for what yall are doing

Pass Christian MS

5 11 2013

Cory, thank you for sharing your experience. When using outfitters I have not had any bad experiences. Most guides, lodges and other service providers are about making money. I have hunted with guides in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska. The people bent over backwards to be friendly and above all help us to achieve our hunting goals. If you look on the African American Hunting Association page on Facebook, I just posted some pics of Antelope and mule deer taken by a couple of guys who hunt all over. These animals were just taken last month in Oregon and Montana for example. These
hunters report good success and no racial issues; and they used outfitters and guides frequently over the last couple of decades.

One way to help ensure that the there will be no surprise and that you will be welcomed when you show up for the hunt, is to book it in person. Book at one of the sportsman shows for example. You can also check with national chain stores like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops. Look at their pictures of customers/hunters. If you don’t see us there, ask do they want black hunters. Of, course when I have booked by phone, I let them know I’m with AAHA. They say, “what’s that”, and I brief them. Also, you might have to develop some thick skin. I have had old country guys say “I wish we had more colored guys come out and let us show um how to hunt”. Don’t get upset. Just educate them to the more contemporary.

Keep hunting and expand your horizons. Also go to Bigdeerhunters.com and contact my friend Charles Stokes in the Atlanta area. He or his network may know of some guides, outfitters and lodges that will help you have a pleasant and successful hunt.

5 11 2013

Thanks for the reply i always tell my self that when i call to inquire about a hunting club or booking a trip that i will mention that i am AA but in a sense i feel its inapropate to do so but most of all i shouldnt have to do that but upon visiting the AAHA i looked further into this issue an i was directed to a forum on the louisana sportsman magazine website an there was an AA man that posted ask if there were any hunting clubs looking for members an do many clubs or peolpe in hunting clubs have a problem with having AAs in there hunting club and there were over 100 comments from people that mostly were white an none of them had a problem with it nor did most clubs which really suprised me being that were down here in the deep south it made me feel alot better about joining clubs that i know are all white

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