28 11 2012


Good day to everyone,

I have been an avid upland bird hunter for almost fifteen years now, and a gun owner ever since I was discharged from the US Army back in 1987. Residing in Colorado, I’ve always been curious to why I don’t see more African Americans enjoying these great outdoors as I have been all these years, hunting just about every game bird from Turkey to Dove.    Surfing the internet one day, I was overjoyed to find the AAHA website solely devoted to getting more African Americans in the field hunting as I do.  I truly enjoy watching the videos and reading the articles and I make sure to hit the site at least once a day to find out what the latest and greatest is.


Here is Colorado, I have found that if you are friendly to people, they will be friendly back. I don’t fear being the only person of color as I am secure in who I am and how I am to be treated. I not only hunt in Colorado, but I have also ventured into Nebraska and Kansas, they are also great places to hunt. In most cases I hunt alone with my GSP, Baxter. If there is a place I would like to hunt, I simply knock on the door of the land owner and introduce myself, if need be, I have also found that if I offer a hand to help them with some work around the farm, they intern allow me to hunt as payment.  Don’t get me wrong, I have heard a few “NOs” in my time, but the “YES” you can hunt is the response have herd the most.  Again, it is great to know that the AAHA is out there and I will do whatever I can to introduce more African Americans to the site here in the great state of Colorado.


Happy Hunting,

Patrick Jones

Highlands Ranch, Colorado