2 11 2012


Slow Down: Lesson Learned

By Donnell Adair

       I know that I am not the only one who has trouble with being patient when out hunting in the field. At times I get anxious and want to cover more ground as if I’m going to got kick a deer out of the bush try to shoot him on the run.  Don’t get me wrong, drives are a great technique, but in the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest hunting Columbia Blacktail deer with just two hunters, you are at a disadvantage. 


       Deer will be able to hear you before you get to them.  If they don’t hear you, they will smell you.  If they don’t smell you they will see you (hunting at a faster pace). If they don’t see you, you won’t see them (again, while hunting at a faster pace). So often we get caught up in looking over the next hill, getting to that next clearing, or simply turning your hunt into a hike sometimes making harvesting an animal second.

       Two key elements in hunting that can easily fall to the wayside in the fast paced world we live in today are stealth and patients. We will never be stealthier then whatever animal we are hunting, but most of us can think back to our last outing and if we are honest with ourselves we could have snapped less twigs under our feet and rustled less bushes. Patience is very important because that is the one thing we have the capacity to prevail over animals in. I am guilty of giving this one away too easily.

       I was reminded to slow down while revisiting some reading on still-hunting. I made sure that I was thinking to slow down going into the field. I did this and came across a herd of elk. Of course they were out of season at the time but when you are getting close to animals, you are doing something right. So remember to take it easy out there, crank it down a notch and slow down.


“We’ll see you in the field.”



5 responses

3 12 2012
Boyd Burton

I was trying to get the form done but it did let me send it…I would love to know more so I can get thing going…I’m from Maryland…my name is Boyd you can reach me @ 410-929-1792

26 11 2013

How did you do?

10 10 2013
Nestor Flores

I drew Saddle Mt. Elk tags this year in Oregon. Pretty exited to due some scounting soon.

19 12 2013

Just started hunting this year and have become very very fortunate. By taking my limit almost every day in Squirrel and rabbits. I’m a 30 year old Mixed Race female. My mother is white and my father is black and half Cherokee Native American.I grew up in Southern Indiana watching my grandfather hunt all the time. Including running catfish nets on the Wabash River. I was always excited when my grandfather took me with him fishing. Maybe that’s why today when the weather permits, you can always find me by myself on the bank with a fishing pole, or in a kayak or boat. My love for the outdoors is so great. Some of my family look at me a little odd but it truly is my passion. I just wish I would see a little more African Americans hunt and fish more. I live in Pierre Part, Louisiana where the Stars of Swamp People Reside.Its funny that Troy Laundry never looks at me different when I come into his store to buy my fish bait or deer urine wearing my Camo. He always smiles and hugs me. So I actually just started looking on the Internet about African Americans hunting.. And needless to say I was very disappointed. My generation needs to get back to our roots. Young people today want to think that hunting is for country people or whatever u wanna call it. But in all, we all are country. It was mostly our race that during slavery were the ones skinning and cleaning fish and wild game,small and large. Young people today need to get out and experience the gift that God had put on earth for us to eat..

19 12 2013

Mariana, thank you for sharing your background and passion for hunting. Many of us are multi-cultural. For example check out the blog of Dante Zuniga-Williams the “The Backwoods Blaxican” He is of Mexican and African American descent. He’s a brilliant young outdoor writer and great hunter out of Eugene,Oregon. I’m also excited that women, young and old are hunting, shooting (and fishing, we fish too) and enjoying the great outdoors.
We are going to have hunt together. Last year I hunted Texas and our adopted home state of Mississippi the same week. I drove right through your state on my way from Rolling Fork, Ms. Rosharon, Tx. near Houston and back. There is a brotha in La, that want me to duck hunt with him also. So let’s get you on the schedule, so we can video tape a hunt with you. Send me an address where I can send you a dvd to donnyadair@yahoo.com.

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