October/November 2012 – Update.

30 10 2012

From the President

Thank you for visiting our website or blog. Please browse our website (aahunt.com) as often and for as long as you can. We are continuing to learn more about the African American hunting community across this great land. We are also sharing our goal to increase the numbers of Black hunters and shooters, as well as encourage urban residents, people of color, particularly youth and women to consider outdoor sports. At this time we are reviewing and updating the website to make it more interesting, informative and easy to use.  Also we will be announcing how you can become a member of AAHA and support our mission, values and goals, which can be accessed by clicking those titles on this home page.

I am happy to announce that my son Donnell Chocolate Adair has increased his duties and role in the African American Hunting Association. Since the inception of AAHA in 2008, Donnell has been a pro staff hunter (14 years of experience), videographer and director (11 years of experience) and co-host of the AAHA Outdoor Show. “Duck” as we call him, started hunting when he was 12 years old. He is an excellent role model for the kids we want to recruit to become hunters and shooters. His bachelors of Science degree from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) will serve him well as he now takes over as our Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

We are definitely moving forward with our vision to bring Black hunters together next spring or summer for a 2-day exposition most likely in New Orleans. If you are interested in sponsoring or participating in such a venture, please email me and I will send you an interest form to complete and return to us. We would like to link up with manufacturers, retailers, outfitters and guides, hunting and shooting clubs and hunter education programs. We want to show that there is a large untapped market of Black hunters, hunters of color, and interested people that are being overlooked by the hunting industry. We also want to provide information seminars, a place to sell products and services, and a forum for Black hunters to network and build relationships with each other and a more diverse hunting community nationwide.

We are also making progress on air the AAHA Outdoor Show to television. You can preview the first episodes on this site. We have been continuing to video our adventures for new shows. Those interested in sponsoring the show or who wish to invite us to come and hunt with and video them please contact me at donnyadair@yahoo.com.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

…”Well see you in the field!”

Donny R. Adair



2 responses

3 12 2012
kirt e moore

dear family their is an african expo safari coming up in feb 1,2 in atlanta i plain to attend for info look up http://www.africanhuntingexpo.com

21 12 2012
Jesse Banks

I really hope im posting this comment in the correct area…I have never been more excited about a sport before in my entire life! I am an African American man 52 years old but have kept myself in above average physical condition. This is my very first year hunting for white tail deer or hunting for anything for that matter..lol however I have and continue to read everything I can get my hands on about the sport. I live in Atlanta Ga. But I grew up in pennsylvania in the 70’s and it seemed like all people that I knew that hunted were not black and it wasn’t until this year I meet black hunters that I work with and my new neighbor across the street from me. So I will be going on my first-ever hunt the Saturday following Christmas day…I cant wait. I will go to the website online and if your doing any chapters or whatever in Georgia or if you would like to discuss a show idea that would be great…I know a black female hunter who’s pretty easy on the eyes that im sure would be interested.

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