Old Friends Get Together Again – Donny Adair & Larry Anderson

30 10 2009



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14 11 2010

I have watched hunting, fishing & all shooting sports on t.v. every week for my entire 54 years as i am and avid fisherman/shooter, and have yet to see an African American Hunting,Fishing,shooting sport on a nationally programed t.v. show, this must cease and start now, our youth needs to know there is more than basketball, football, and the such that could impact there lives in the outdoors.

15 12 2010

Thank you for expressing the feelings that many of us share on this topic!

4 12 2010
kevin porter

love hunting and watching it on tv. do you film yourself and locals only? or do you invite out of towners as well? i would like to take part in reaching a broader audience your doing a great thing

24 12 2010
Donny Adair

Kevin, we will hunt with any friendly, safe down to earth hunters and we film everythnig we do. Register using the information on the African American Hunting Assn. Home page (aahunt.com) and I will contact you by email.

Donny Adair

25 03 2011

Kevin, sorry for the delay in responding. Write me at donnyadair@yahoo.com and give me more details about hunts you would like us to go on or video.

25 03 2011
Frank Plummer

Awesome site! I hunt turkey & deer in Maryland and I have even done a deepwater scuba dive spearfishing trip in North Carolina. As you can see I love the outdoors and enjoy harvesting and observing God’s bounty both on land in sea. we need to let our youth know there are other sports other then basketball. I’m even thinking of opening a Hunting lodge targeting people of all cultures……

25 03 2011

Frank, I want to be one the first to book a hunt at your lodge. Let’s Keep in touch! Thanks for visiting the site.

9 04 2011
Anthony Ancheta

I am glad to see this.. I have hunted and fished as long as i can remember it is a great thing to be able to see more of us in the field.

22 05 2011

Thank you so much for the hit and your comment! Keep in touch.

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