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9 07 2009
NLE Media Cameraman, Greg Gordon NLE Media Cameraman, Greg Gordon – Canon XL2 with wireless receiver and camera-mounted harddrive. 

Ok, so I’m the guy that falls into the lake duck hunting with Donny Adair and his son, Donnell. I think that’s on Episode 9 of the AAHA Outdoor Show which is still in editing till the end of March, 2009. Main issue isn’t whether I fell in, but did I save the camera? You betcha! With Donny & Donnell nearby to pump my lungs dry, I wasn’t worried about drowning. But the camera is a different story. Good thing I can lift my arms above my head.

This post will be about video shooting in the field. We’ll share tips & tricks with you and we want you to share with us. So grab your gear, charge your batteries, clean your lens, roll tape and call out, “Action! Baby!”

In the field I like to use either a Canon XL1S or the XL2. We add a wireless unit to the camera & run the video DTE (direct to edit) to a FireStore on-camera drive connected via firewire. The drive is powered by an external 12 volt battery setup from Bescor. We don’t use tape because of the battery demands of the camera taping mechanism & the lossiness and time spent converting tape to DV. With the 12 volt & camera batteries we use, we can shoot pretty much all day. Download the video to our laptop, run and gun some more.

Donny and his sons are now using a Sony HD1000U for capture and are bringing in a small specialty camera for special shots. Donnell & Kenny are a lot of fun in the field (so’s Donny) and having 2 or 3 cameras can be a real benefit. Our motto is to have fun, and believe me, that’s what we do.

We’ll use tripods on interviews, but most of the time we’re shoulder mounted.

Tell us about your gear. Share your insights and tricks with others.

Lighting is everything in good video.  When in the field be sure you utilize filters and settings to capture the best picture.  It is not always possible in a run & gun situation, but try to keep the sun behind you.  Use a polarized filter to remove glare.  We shot the following video in the late afternoon with the sun behind the camera & my left shoulder.

We did a rack focus to let the background green of the trees be soft focused & Donny in sharp focus.  If your camera will let you do it, give it a try.



4 responses

6 11 2009
Elvin Evans Jr.

I am a 54 year old african-american who just started hunting 4 year ago. I would like to learn more about you and what you do for the sport and maybe hunt with you guys one.

6 11 2009

Mr Evans thank you for your comments. I want to hunt with you and other hunters I am meeting. I would like to put together hunting parties for 3 trips of a lifetime; one to British Columbia, one to Alaska and a Safari to Africa. A reputable professional hunter/outfitter from Africa has already contacted me through the website. I also want to have some hunts right here in Oregon. I’ve lived here all of my life and I still marvel at the beauty and the diversity of the country here.

You see, this what the outdoor industry does not understand yet; we got money too! We take trips, we buy products such as guns , ammunition, vehicles, plane tickets, clothing, scopes, binoculars, etc.

Please contact me directly at and we can get to know each other better and perhaps get a hunt scheduled. Thank you for visiting our blog and sharing your thoughts.

6 11 2009
Elvin Evans Jr.

sorry about that I didn’t get a chance to finish. The computer accidently submitted my comment before I was done. I live in Mount Prospect, IL and I’ve been White tail deer and Dove hunting, and I absolutely love the sport. I would like to expand my hunting experience, with other African Americans. Truely yours, Elvin Evans Jr.

26 07 2010
Frazial William

I am so happy to come across this web-site. Did not know it was one out there. You are doing a great job. I live in Mississippi and have been hunting and fishing all my life. By the way I am good at it also. But I really like the issues you are talking about and feel that more Blacks should know about it. If I can do anything to help this organization improve you can count on me. I also am a Sociology Professor and would love to do more research on how human behavior of the Black man can be improved just by introducing them to the world of outdoor sports. How do you join this organization? I would love more information so that I can be a part of what I feel can be a change for the better if more Black participate.
Frazial Williams

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